At KSM, our commitment to society is expressed through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At the core of our philosophy is the belief that a company should not only achieve financial success, but also actively contribute to the progress and well-being of its surrounding community.

Social Commitment

We work with local agencies and organisations to provide support to groups of people who wish to re-enter the labour market through counselling and mentoring, but also seek to put them in direct contact with potential employers.

We take care of our employees

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We ensure a healthy and supportive work environment by providing training and development opportunities, as well as wellness programs. Every member of our workforce and their adult family members can avail mental health services provided by our company, at zero cost to them, in partnership with specialized professionals from Therapy Express.

Environmental Sustainability

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our identity, guiding us in creating a positive and sustainable impact on the world around us. We are proud to work with our communities and partners to shape a better tomorrow for all.