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KSM Human Resources Hellas is the most reliable solution meeting any human resources demands, whether you are seeking for a temporary or permanent job.

With many years of experience, training and knowledge of the modern and everincreasing demands of the international market, we stand next to the prospective employee and the company, taking care of every detail.

Founded in 2002, KSM Human Resources Hellas operates with respect towards each employee and protects the entrepreneurs, ensuring both sides a successful outcome and long-lasting relationship of trust.

Our goal is your success!

We are Greece’s N01 company specializing in temporary and permanent recruitment and we operate as a temporary employment company registered under the license number 13022/205 6-4-2015 which legally permits us the activity of providing employees to other employers in the form of temporary employment as defined in the law 4052/2012. 4052/2012.

Concurrently KSM HR holds a license as a private employment agency. With this amendment, our company also takes care of all candidates who are interested in permanent positions as well as companies that are seeking the best solution to fill specialized and crucial positions.

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