For the employer

Find the right staff easily & quickly!

KSM is focusing on the following 3 Block of Services:

Talent Acquisition

Collaborate with KSM for a straightforward approach to talent acquisition. Leveraging our years of industry experience, we navigate the hiring landscape to identify and integrate skilled professionals into your team seamlessly. Our practical strategies focus on finding the right fit for your organization.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Services


Show genuine care for your departing employees with our down-to-earth outplacement services. We provide practical support, resources, and guidance to facilitate a smooth career transition for those leaving your organization.

Executive Search

Drawing on our extensive industry tenure, we assist in the search for leadership talent that aligns with your organization's unique goals and values. Our approach is rooted in practicality, ensuring a smooth recruitment process for critical executive roles.

Mass Recruitment

Simplify your hiring processes with our no-frills mass recruitment solutions. Through our extensive network, we swiftly address your staffing needs, delivering practical solutions for high-volume hiring without unnecessary complications.

Temporary Employment

Adapt to fluctuating workforce demands with our flexible temporary employment solutions. We offer practical assistance, connecting you with skilled professionals for short-term projects or seasonal requirements, ensuring a quick response to your staffing needs.

Outsourcing Services

We possess an operational license as a temporary employment agency. This license authorizes us to lawfully engage in the provision of workforce services, allowing our employees to work for other employers on a temporary basis, as outlined in Law 4052/2012.

Employer of Record

Simplify your operations by outsourcing employer responsibilities to us. Our simple and clear approach allows your team to maintain legal compliance seamlessly while concentrating on essential business functions.

Payroll Administration and Advisory

Ease the burden of payroll management with our practical administration and advisory services. Our straightforward approach ensures accuracy and compliance without unnecessary complexity, allowing you to focus on core business functions.

Non-Greek Companies

Embrace the shift to remote work and let us hire on your behalf the best local based talents regardless of the company’s residence

Process and Policy Formation

Work with our experienced HR team to create practical processes and policies aligned with your organization's values. Our straightforward approach ensures that your policies are not only compliant but also reflective of your unique culture.

Ad hoc HR Projects

Soft Skills Training

Enhance your team's potential with our soft skills training programs. Focusing on essential communication, teamwork, and leadership capabilities, we provide practical training that directly improves workplace effectiveness.


Support professional growth through our practical coaching sessions with our designated Business Psychologist. Our experienced team provides guidance and strategies to help professionals overcome challenges and achieve their career goals with tangible, actionable steps.

Assessment & Development Centers

Identify and nurture talent within your organization through our practical assessment and development centers. Tailored to your specific needs, our approach focuses on providing actionable insights to enhance individual and team performance.

Mental Health and Well-being Support for Employers

Prioritize employee well-being with our specialized partnered mental health support programs. We offer practical resources and workshops, creating a positive workplace environment that supports the overall health and resilience of your team.

Customized HR Projects

Engage in practical HR projects designed to meet your organizational needs. From simple policy updates to effective talent management strategies, our experienced team ensures that every project delivers tangible and meaningful results for your organization.