Career Counselling

Professional growth and success are the goals for every employee and employer.

Whether you want to evolve in your professional sector or are aiming for a new
career, our counselling services are a valuable ally for your success in any industry you work in or plan to work in.

KSM HR has tied up with specialized consultants to provide psychometric tests, structured interviews, experiential exercises and other techniques which help build a complete profile for each individual. At the same time, our consultants confer with you and create an “Action Plan” that sets goals and introduces you to the practical ways of achieving them.

Career counselling is also ideal for students who wish to specialize in any field or are getting prepared to take the first steps in their careers.


KSM HR and its specialized consultants ensure a smooth transition for your
employees in cases involving voluntary or non-redundancy through strategies
tailored to their needs.

The procedure applies to both individuals and group

We focus on professional counselling, abilities and skills, job seeking
techniques, CV creation and improvement, interview preparation, improving
negotiation skills, business networking and more.

Career Counselling