Our client, a leading European telecom network services provider with 1.2 billion in revenues in 2018, is looking to recruit an

Optical Fibre Trainer

The position is based on AthensGreece.

What is your mission?

To train the Optical Fibre Assemblers and Technicians to ensure the good execution of the activities on site in which they participate:

  • By checking the qualitative and quantitative conformity of preparations of materials and material means by referring to the technical description (intervention file) of installation;
  • By informing themselves with the equipment/materials to be installed and the means to be used by referring to the technical description (intervention file) of the installation
  • By Ensuring optimal health and safety conditions of the site in a systematic way;
  • By controlling the good execution of the site and the conformity of the activities during their achievements;
  • By elaborating the answers to the construction difficulties that he would meet, this, in close relation with the works supervisor who informs him of any deviation in relation to the planned progress of the site.

To train Optical Fibre Assembler and Technician to ensure commissioning and the necessary measures for their qualification of the transmission equipment in accordance with the work order provided, recipe booklet

  • By informing themselves with the material to be tested by referring to the technical documentation
  • By studying the drawings precisely and setting up the list of measuring instruments and tools required for commissioning
  • By using the welding tools to ensure perfect fibre connection
  • By checking the conformity of the connection of the equipment before powering it up.
  • By carrying out the commissioning, the measurements and the qualification of the equipment in accordance with the specifications
  • By writing a technical commissioning report in which the points of malfunction are identified.

To train Optical Fibre Assembler and Technician to contribute to improvement by:

  • Analysing the causes of dysfunction or site deviations with the works supervisor so as to benefit from them for the following projects;

To train Optical Fibre Assembler and Technician contribute to the development of his team’s know-how.

  • By indicating and showing the best technical practices regarding the different situations to the members of his team.
  • By sharing with each member of his team the level of his achievements.


  • Ideally a Polytechnic degree as an Electronical Engineer or Mechanical Engineer
  • Minimum 5 years of proven experience
  • Excellent command of English both verbally and written
  • Knowledge for German language will be considered as an asset

Knowledge and know-how:

  • Control of the connection, dies and soldering of optical fibre cables,
  • Control and perfect usage of the tools: reflectometer, photometer, welder,
  • Good computer skills


  • Autonomy,
  • Rigor and determination,
  • Initiative

All applications will be strictly confidential.

KSM HUMAN RESOURCES is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnicity, faith, disability, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation. The company strives to maximize valuable talent and potential, and eliminate unconscious bias, prejudice and stereotyping in the workplace.

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