1. What are Cookies?

In computing, cookies (more commonly called Web cookies, tracking cookies or just cookies) are text lines used to perform automatic authentication, monitor work periods, and store specific information about users who access the server. such as, for example, favorite websites or, in the case of on-line shopping, the content of their “baskets”.

Each section of a website that the user visits with the browser can set cookies and it is normal to have several hundred cookies in your browser.

2. Generally

Cookies, because they can be used to monitor Internet browsing, are a topic of discussion on the right to privacy. Many countries and organizations, including the United States and the European Union, have enacted legislation. Cookies are often considered incorrect programs and this creates the wrong image. In fact, they are simple data blocks that cannot perform any action on the computer on their own. In particular, they are neither spyware nor viruses. However, cookies from certain websites are included in spyware by many spyware protection products, as they may identify the user. Modern browsers allow users to choose whether or not to accept cookies, however, in the event of a refusal, certain items may not be used.

3. Cookie types

When navigating our website, various types of cookies can be created. If you continue to use this website and its features, authorize us – and our partners – to install this type of cookie on the browser you are using.

3.1 Necessary cookies (technical type)

These cookies are essential for navigating the web and using certain functions. They can be used to enable “Cloudflare CDN” and “cookie acceptance” functions and are necessary for the site to function properly.

3.2 Performance and resolution cookie

These cookies gather anonymous information about how users use the website and its functions. They collect information about the pages of the site you visit most often. The information gathered can be used to personalize your online experience by presenting special content. Cookies for performance and analysis do not collect personal information.

4. Cookies we use:

Data Sharing
Cloudflare CDN(__cfduid)
For the smooth sending by the Cloudflare network of content sharing of the site, to locate reliable web traffic.
Share data is shared in cloudflare.com. For more information, please refer to its data protection policyCloudflare:www.cloudflare.com/privacypolicy
Cookie Consent(cookie_notice_accepted)
The use of these cookies is made for the promotion or not of the user’s information regarding the acceptance of Cookies
No data is shared outside the company’s website.
Google Analytics(_ga, _gat, _gid)
Performance and Analysis
The use of these cookies allows the collection of data for the analysis of the use of its website, collection of data on user movements, in order to better understand the visitors of our website, to improve the website, services, creation of the appropriate audience – specific groups of users, to send a campaign, and efforts for our promotional activities.
Sharing data το google.com is done. For more information, please refer to Google’s Data Protection Policy:policies.google.com/privacy

5. How can you turn off Cookies?

If you use Internet Explorer:

  1. select “Tools” from the menu and then “Internet Options”
  2. click the “Privacy” tab
  3. select the setting for the appropriate setting.

If you use Google Chrome:

  1. select “Settings” and then “Advanced”
  2. in the “Privacy and Security” section, click “Content Settings”
  3. click “Cookies”.

If you use Mozilla Firefox:

  1. select “Tools” from the menu and then “Options”
  2. click on icon “Privacy”
  3. find the “cookies” menu and select the relevant options.

If you use Safari:

  1. select “Preferences” and then “Privacy”
  2. click “Remove all website data”.

Finally, if you are using Opera 6.0:

  1. select “Files” from the menu and then “Preferences”
  2. click “Privacy”.

6. Privacy Policy

For information on the processing of personal data collected on this website, go to Privacy Policy