Tips for a successful interview

You have been called for a job interview!
What next? How do you prepare for it?

Your invitation to a job interview means that your CV has been evaluated in a good light and your qualifications are the right fit for the job. Be enthusiastic and optimistic, but at the same time, be appropriately prepared for the next important step!

  1. Getting ready with the right answers

Conduct research on the questions that are commonly asked in your specific line of work. Some of the most popular questions can be found here (link to the previous article) and going through them will help you prepare well for the interview. 

Analyze all possible interview scenarios (e.g. your interlocutor puts you in a difficult situation by asking you about some discrepancy in your CV, or he/she asks you directly about your salary expectations), and think about how you could respond to them in the best way possible.


  1. Professional appearance

Be appropriately dressed for the interview. Your appearance should be discreet, sober and well suited for the job you are applying for. Keep in mind that every professional field follows certain rules regarding the dress code; for example, it is acceptable to wear casual and chic clothing in an artistic job compared to that in a bank. 

The same rule applies to the different hierarchy levels in a job; one expects a candidate for a production manager’s job to be dressed differently from a candidate for a blue-collar job. In any case, it is recommended that you avoid jeans, t-shirts, revealing clothes (party wear), bulky jewelry, heavy perfumes, fashionable hairstyles and anything else that may offend the interlocutor (e.g. real fur, clothing with a social, political or religious message) or draw his/her attention away from the real issue at hand (i.e. interviewing you for the position and assessing your skills).


  1. Necessary things to carry to an interview

It is necessary to carry a copy of your CV, either in printed or electronic form. Candidates who carry notebooks, pens, agendas, calculators or electronic devices will likely stand out for their organization and planning skills.

Last, carry paper towels and use breath freshener before the interview. These are very important props but are generally forgotten! Drink plenty of water and give yourself enough time to reach the destination of your interview, keeping in mind the time required to park your car, find a taxi or use public transportation.

  1. Accuracy

The most important evidence of your accuracy and reliability in this first meeting with your employer is your arrival on time at the meeting place. Make sure that you arrive slightly earlier than the arranged time by taking enough care to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as traffic, car damage or other unpredictable factors. 

It is also recommended that you visit the venue of the interview one or two days before the appointment date in order to get to know the area, explore nearby parking spaces and clarify the exact entry point.

  1. Body language

Eighty percent of human communication is a non-verbal in nature. During the interview, you should try your best to be straightforward, maintain eye contact with your interviewer, exhibit a balanced attitude, show self-confidence and be kind.

Avoid defensive body postures such as a curved back, hands creating a “wall” between yourself and the interviewer, using a voice with an unsteady tone and so on). Also avoid postures that convey excessive self-confidence or the feeling that you are exceptionally comfortable in the employer’s space (e.g. sitting with open but crossed legs, with the ankle of one foot resting on the other knee, sitting with a wrong angle between the torso and legs, sitting very close to the interviewer and so on). Remember to shake hands with your interviewer and smile sincerely.


  1. Courtesy

Behave politely, as you normally would. Knock on the door and wait for a positive answer before entering, greet your interviewer and express appropriate wishes on important days. Sit where you are indicated to, and try not to make noise or move distractedly in the room. Politely accept a treat if you are offered one. Do not hesitate to ask about the location of the restroom, a tissue or a glass of water if needed. Lower the volume of your cell phone before the interview begins. Respect the time your interviewer dedicates to you, and ensure a meaningful acquaintance with him/her by using a calm and positive tone.

  1. Communication

Be polite, and avoid criticizing your former co-workers. Also refrain from making insulting and ironic comments, and laughing loudly. Adjust the tone and volume of your voice as per the requirements of the space the interview is being conducted in. Concentrate on the discussion and make sure you fully understand your interviewer’s questions before attempting to answer them. It is better to ask the interviewer to repeat the question politely than to give an inaccurate answer.

Employers prefer employees who are unafraid to examine what they do not understand, as employees who are in a hurry to complete a task will likely make serious mistakes.

What to avoid

  • Do not lead the discussion to sensitive issues, such as politics or religion.
  • Do not refer to purely personal issues, such as your sexual preferences.
  • Do not ask personal questions.


  1. Sincerity

Always keep in mind that an untrue statement during the interview can put you in an unpleasant position and create a bad impression of you. Answer all the questions put to you by your interlocutor. If you do not have the required work experience from a previous job, it is preferable to state that you feel capable about doing well in the potential role. Express your willingness to try to meet the requirements to the best of your ability. Always show your willingness to learn and evaluate yourself, as well as your courage to take on something new and work hard at it although you may be a beginner in that situation.

Also remember that not only will you expected to prove your experience soon, but you will also be strictly judged, given that you are an expert in that particular role.


  1. Your questions

Remember that during the interview you also have the right to ask questions in order to be appropriately informed about the company’s activities and the requirements of the position for which you are being interviewed. Let your interlocutor complete his/her questions, and then submit your own.

You can ask about the candidate’s desired profile, expected goals, earnings and the company’s organization chart. One way to show further interest in the job position is by asking if you could contact your interlocutor again to find out more about the positioning process.

You can also ask your interviewer if he/she is satisfied with the clarity of your answers, or if he/she would like to further analyze any of them.

At the end of the discussion, thank your interlocutor for the time he/she has given you, as well as the opportunity to present yourself. Wish them well and leave discreetly.

Good luck!

International award for the third time in a row for KSM Human Resources

Choosing the right staff for a service sector such as hotels is a key point in its path to success. And this concerns all levels of staff, from the staff of care and cleaning rooms & common areas who are always there discreetly to take care of and equip the guest’s room with what is needed, the waiters who with their smile will serve in the restaurant or bar, the employees at the reception who will welcome the guest in such a way as to make him feel welcome , until the senior and senior executives who will manage the operation of the entire unit so that it is efficient.

Throughout this chain of shaping the visitor’s experience during his stay at the hotel there is the risk of disappointment from the services of non-high level resulting in bad reviews. Bad reviews that jeopardize the overall effort of the hotel and which are reflected on social media on booking platforms as well as in the hotel’s relations with tour operators and travel agents.
And that is exactly what the global Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, which awarded KSM Human Resources, the human resources services company, for the third consecutive time this year, in the special category “Human Resources Companies”.

KSM HR has been active for over 15 years in the field of Human Resources Services and is the first company in Greece to obtain a license. It employs over 3,000 people, having 300 active contracts, through which it places and manages the staff of the companies. Its annual turnover exceeds EUR 20 million. Euro.
KSM HR has a lot of experience in the tourism industry, having placed over 600 employees of various specialties, in more than 25 tourist enterprises, upgrading the quality of the services provided in this key and constantly growing sector of the Greek economy.

As pointed out by the owner and CEO Mr. Marios Kavouridis, “The award of KSM HR by the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards is a recognition of the quality of the company’s services in the hospitality industry, an industry that is constantly evolving due to new technologies and new global trends and its personnel requirements are completely specialized. KSM HR, true to its commitment to selecting, evaluating and managing the right staff for the companies in the hospitality industry, stands by the effort to upgrade the quality of Greek hotels”.

For his part, the Director-General of KSM Human Resources, Mr. Giannis Xremos said: “I can only feel joy and pride as Director General of KSM Human Recourses for this award, with a world-class award, such as that of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, demonstrating that hard work and dedication to the goal are rewarded. On behalf of all the partners of our company I want to thank the institution of 7 Stars, from the heart, and promise that the best is what will follow.

The Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards were held this year in Lake Vouliagmeni on Saturday, October 5th, attended by celebrities from all over the world. From Greece were also awarded: Marina Flisvos, The Ecali Club, Super Strom Vatsinas, Ideal Mykonos, DMC & Travel, Axia Hospitality, Lake Vouliagmeni, Aldemar Resorts, Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Crown Plaza, Anemos Grand Luxury Resort, Mythos Palace, Wyndham Plaza, CHC Hotels and Kensho Mykonos.

The KSM Human Resources team is proud of the global distinction.
Giannis Xremos - General Manager, Giorgos Kavouridis - President, Marios Kavoridis - CEO, Thanos Leontos - HR Executive Director
Marios Kavouridis - CEO with world-renowned photographer Oliver Jizsda


At a glamorous ceremony, KSM HR was awarded the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award 2019. This award is considered to be the highest possible “Luxury Award” and was bestowed on us by the Seven Stars SSLHLA International Organization for our high-quality services.

KSM HR was awarded for the third consecutive year with the Seven Stars Award for providing top services in finding and managing human resources.

Marios Kavouridis, Panel Member Oliver Jiszda

On the evening of Saturday, October 5, 2019, the idyllic site of Lake Vouliagmeni, with its unparalleled beauty, was the location of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, which was attended by many notable guests and nominees of the “Seven Stars” excellence awards. KSM HR has been honoured for three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019) with the “Seven Stars Human Resources Company Award”, attesting to its leadership in Human Resources management in Greece.

GENERAL MANAGER Giannis Chremos, George Kavouridis and KSM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Thanos Liondos

The Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Organization aims to highlight and reward the most deserving businesses all over the world with the “Signum Virtutis” and The Seal of Excellence” awards.

KSM Human Resources team proud of global distinction

The SSLHLA awards are offered by one of the most important luxury hospitality and lifestyle institutions in the world, and the awards event is known for its renown and status. The awards have been hosted and awarded by internationally renowned entrepreneurs and founders of emblematic companies. The members of the panel (namely the “Luxury Panel Members”) <<Luxury Panel Members>> are nobles and royals, such as Prince Massimilano della Torre e Tasso, Princess Constanza della Torre e Tasso, Princess Nathalie of Hohenzollern, Baroness Nerina Keeley, Princess Bhargavi Kumari Mewar of India, and internationally renowned professionals such as the photographer Oliver Jizsda, Thanos Liondos, Carine Lanckner, Amani Vernescu and others.

The Manager Director of KSM Human Resources, Mr. Marios Kavouridis, said, “I felt very happy and honoured that our company received the Seven Stars Luxury and Hospitality Award for the thirdconsecutive year, and I am extremely of proud the international recognition, since efforts our of over 40 years were rewarded. I am particularly pleased that my administration has been so successful. I would like to thank each and every one of you, our partners and clients, for your trustworthiness which led us to the pinnacle of success.”

The General Manager of KSM HR, Mr. Giannis Chremos, said, “As the General Manager, I feel proud to be honoured with an international award such as the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award, which proves that hard work and dedication to our goals are rewarded. On behalf of the company’s partners, I want to thank the Seven Stars Institution, and I promise that the best is yet follow.”


10+1 Successful tips for your first interview

Your first interview is the first impression you make, the way you manage your future employer are essential and crucial assets, whether or not you will succeed to be chosen for the job position you are aiming for.

Which are the most popular questions? Read carefully and follow our tips if you want to be well prepared for your date with success.

On the web you will find valuable information for most businesses, especially if they have an official website and social media accounts as well.

If the company you are interested in has retail stores, visit one those to find out more. For example, the activity of the company, the environment, the products e.c.t. The more you know about the company, the more you will attract your interlocutor’s attention. IMPORTANT. Avoid overdoing it with endless details that have no meaning in your conversation. Be accurate and specific; this way, you will achieve more.

You will be asked to list a couple of your achievements either during your training or your professional experience, and which ones you consider to be most valued by your prospective employer and your job position.
During your interview, try to be specific and substantiate how your actions were important for your previous employers.

This question should be answered by (a) referring to the specific actions or omissions you made, the reasons why they turned out not be correct, (c) actions you took to correct those mistakes and (d) what you gained from them.
As everyone else does, as well as you, it is necessary to avoid referring to all of the mistakes you made during your previous work experience. The most crucial answers are (c) and (d). It is also important to forgo blaming your former colleagues, this will have negative consequences for you. Stick only to your own mistakes, what you were taught from them and what you would have done differently today.

At this point, your interlocutor strives to value if you are capable for the job position. Make sure your assets are the most appropriate for the position, and there are unambiguous reasons why you should be chosen over other candidates.
As an example persistence in precision and details, the ability to scrutinize more are valued skills for an accounting office, although a candidate in the telephone sales department would be likely to have communication skills and to be extroverted, brave and polite.
About your weaknesses, you are invited to find the middle ground. Avoid referring to serious defects that would be a disincentive to your recruitment, and to unworthy reasons for weaknesses or weaknesses resulting from a superficial self-criticism.

It is important to avoid making insulting comments about your employer or coworkers, even if you did not leave your previous job, under the best conditions.
Focus on the positive effects of the new job, referring to new progress prospects, your positive impact on your performances, your need to work on a different subject, that might matches more your interests. If the only reason you quitted your previous job was bad working conditions, refer to that generally as an unpleasant working environment, from which you preferred to leave politely, in order to avoid serious future conflicts with your employer and colleagues.
Try not to mention or insinuate problems that might have already occurred.

You are surely to be asked about your opinion for the company you are currently working at or you had been working at. Focus on the benefits of it and avoid mentioning negative aspects and try to expose them by the possible discreet way.
You can explain, for example, that the family business in which you work at, has devised a strategy that does not coincide with your future aspirations, without pointing out your employer’s favour for a relative who might not have your formal qualifications and which you judge them as unworthy.

In any case, you must point out its main assets, whether they are about their professional abilities or their character. You will make a good impression if you mention that you will maintain a good relationship with your previous employer despite the fact you are switching jobs.
Even if your previous employer is the main reason why you want to leave your current position, rather than pointing out accusations, it is best to say that your personalities do not fit and you can not perform to the maximum. This is a professional approach and it honours you.

Clarify which types of personalities you get along best, while expressing your willingness and ability to work with anyone independently, since you believe that only through collaboration your goals can be achieved.
In any case you should not describe types of personalities that you are not compatible with.

You should avoid giving the impression that you act arbitrarily, or that you are failing to take initiatives.
Describe at least on situation where you acted without the guidance of your supervisor to resolve an emergency task, taking into account all the available information, the company’s interest, but meanwhile, maintain your good working relationship with your supervisor.
Always remember that companies prefer employees when they are low in the hierarchy to respect and stick to the organizational chart, while they prefer employees with high autonomy and ability to take initiatives and manage a crisis when they hold more senior positions.

You will have to expound your short- run-that is, less than five years and your long- run professional goals.
At this point you should be sure that your short-run goals are reasonable according to your previous professional experiences and will be the link between your current position and your long-run goals.

This is the most important question and your answer will determine if you will finally get the job you are aiming for.
You can refer to your main strengths and achievements and complete by mentioning your knowledge and skills.
You can refer to your main strengths and achievements by closing your answer with reference to your knowledge and skills that you estimate will directly and tangiblely benefit your future employer.

Have in mind that an interview is your chance to convince your employer that you are the most appropriate employee for the position. Do not claim the job position with low-esteem and the psychology of a beggar. Present yourself as the most capable with confidence.
Always speak with moderation, consistency and respect.

Recommendation letter Moussamas Bros AXE

Our company, MOUSAMAS BROS AXE, operates the following hotels: Crown Plaza, Athens City Center, Holliday Inn Athens, Attica Avenue and Airport West & Holiday Suites. We have been your company’s clients for 10 consecutive years. During our collaboration, we have never had any complaints about your services.

         All of the outsourcing conducted by you has been excellent, as have your immediate responses and help, even for our last-minute requirements. Moreover, we appreciate the competitive prices and the best support that have always been offered to us.

        On the behalf of my company, I would recommend any hotel to use your services, since you have proven your consistency and professionalism over a long period of time.


Apostolos Mousamas

Career Days 14-15 October 2017

KSM HUMAN RESOURCES participated for the first time in Career Days, where we had the opportunity to meet exceptional candidates!

The attendance was impressive, and our team was able to conduct short interviews with over 300 candidates!

It was a pleasure for us, not only because we had the chance to meet exceptional candidates, but also because we had the opportunity to help some of them take the next step or even the first step in their careers!

All our company’s partners were present at our booth and chatted with each interested candidate, not only about their perception of our company, but also about the labour market in general.. The feedback we received from the visitors was impressive and motivates us to improve each day.

We thank all the visitors to our booth as well as KARIERA for organizing an event every year that is so vital for the labour market!

We will see you again in a year, even better and more powerful!